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Silver colloids, when used correctly, offer the best antimicrobial benefits for intra-nasal bacterial and fungal control

I actually read a comment to one of my videos that stated, “There is no documented evidence that silver is antimicrobial.” Well this statement is ridiculously ignorant and patently false.  The origin of the statement is often attributed to the FDA and it is a misunderstanding of that statement and taken well out of context. […]

Stopping sinus infections without antibiotics, how to use Sinus Relief and Super Neti Juice.

I’ve been approached recently with lots of question regarding how to properly use Sinus Relief and Super Neti Juice.  While this subject is cover in great detail in the book Managing Sinus Health, I would like to hit some of the highlights here.  These two products are like the knife and fork of sinus health, when […]

Don’t let allergies turn into a sinus infection this Spring.

Spring is here and there are lots of allergens in the air. These little particles can irritate the nasal mucosa and cause inflammation (re: stuffy nose).  ”So what”, you say.  ”I’ll get over it.”  Well, yes you will.  But when your sinuses get inflamed and blocked, they can become warm moist pockets of mucus that […]

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