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Sunburn can be healed naturally; the pain of sunburn and the itch can be relieved naturally

It’s been a long and hot summer.  I’d be willing to bet that you’ve had the sunburn lotion on more than a few times.  But what do you do when you forget to put it on.  What do you do when you’ve been in the water and it washed off?  What do you do when […]

Why cold sores strike in the summer; The Herpes of sunlight, return of the particle empire.

One of the parameters that we use to define “life” is an organism’s ability to think or react.  This can be  as primitive as a bacterium moving away from an environment that is hazardous to its survival or as complex as a human contemplating the origins of morality.  There has been much discussion as to […]

Rash Relief handles eczema, athlete’s foot, poison ivy and more

Not every rash is eczema, some can be caused by an allergic reaction and some can be caused by chemical irritants. The funny part is that eczema is defined as a rash with un-known origin.  That leaves it kind of open…  The other problem in determining the cause of a rash is that psoriasis is […]

Vitamin D and Maintaining Skin Health during Winter months

  Winter is just around the corner, the sun is getting lower in the sky and we are not getting enough UV rays to make sufficient amounts of Vitamin D. When this is coupled with the general lack of Vitamin C in the body, we are less able to create replacement skin cells. This problem […]

Cold Sores and Fever Blisters are Herpes

I was at a party this last weekend and a woman I met recognized who I was. She pulled a tube of Cold-Sore Rescue from her purse and shook the tube at me while saying, “I love this stuff. It’s the only thing that works.” The label was completely worn off the tube, but I […]

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