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Q&A: We Were Asked About Our Capsules Being Used by Non-Animal Sources

We were asked: Are the capsules made from non-animal sources and are alcohol-free? Are there any animal or non-halal or non-kosher ingredients, or alcohol in the sleep apnea product? Answer: The capsules ARE NOT made from non-animal sources and ARE alcohol free. No, there are only natural herbs in the Sleep Apnea Relief.

Q&A: We Were Asked About Sleep Apnea, How long can you use it?

Stan asked us: “I  wondering how long has Steven been on the apnea relief pills and is there a point where your body will not need the pills and or a point that they will not work anymore?” Answer: “Initially, I used them intermittently for about 2 or 3 years. The last 3 or 4 years, […]

Q&A: Does the Leg Relaxer work on leg cramps?

We were asked: “I read in the HSI letter about Leg Relaxer. The emphasis is on restless legs, with some mention of cramps. I used to have restless legs but now I only get cramps, a lot. Calcium, magnesium do help.  Does your product have a strong effect?” Answer: “Yes it does.  My Mom uses […]

Q&A: How Long Until I Start Seeing Results from Sleep Apnea Relief

We were asked: “How long will I have to take you sleep apnea product before I can see and feel that it is working for me?” Answer: “You should see results from using the Sleep Apnea Relief within 14 days.  It does take longer for some individuals than for others, as the product is all […]

Q&A: We Were Asked about Sinus Products

Kyle asked: “When I was checking out your product, there was an offer for a neti pot sinus cleanser.  Is this necessary in addition to the 3 products I bought for the sinus infection? I use my neti pot often and would not mind a product for it, but if the other stuff works then […]

Q&A: We Were Asked About Our Ionizer

Janina asked us: “I am interested in purchasing the air ionizer but am concerned if the grandchildren become curious & touch it….will they feel any shock or electric current.  I just want to make sure it is safe first.” We answered: “If you touch the edge of the antenna, you will feel a little bit […]

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