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The Left-Over King

I love eating left-overs.  I feel good about not wasting food.  Also, enjoying a good meal for a second time without having to re-build it is really convenient.  I used to worry, “Is that week-old chicken still good?” or “Can those meatballs really last for 10 days?”  My kids would ask me, “If I leave […]

The Trinity of Unity; Healing damaged tissues

I am constantly being asked what product would I recommend for supporting healing after surgery or for dealing with an impact-bruise or for helping a fracture.  The answer is the same… Bruise, Strain & Tear Repair (aka BST).  If you were hit hard in basketball and damaged some soft tissue… BST.  If you just had […]

Bone Density & Quality, it’s a piece of cake

Some prescription medications function by killing the cells that remove old bone so that you build the same amount of new bone but remove less old bone.  Some medications excite the cells that build bone so that you build more than you remove.  The commonality is that both methods cheat Mother Nature by im-balancing the natural […]

Swimming in lakes, Rivers & Oceans can lead to sinusitis, ear infections, stomach aches and more

Now that summer is here, we’re going to be playing in lakes, rivers and oceans more often.  These waters are not as clean as they once were.  In fact, some of the bacteria found in these bodies of water have been exposed to many years of discarded antibiotics and have become very resistant.  When you […]

What are medical Facts? Do natural therapies and herbal remedies really work?

The other day I was watching Dr. OZ on TV.  I don’t usually do this.  He had a number of “experts” on the show that were discussing the merits of a particular diet.  A couple of things struck me as I watched.  First, this is entertainment not education.  These experts were not researchers, they were […]

Restless Legs and Leg Cramps can be handled with one Natural Herbal product.

Restless legs are not something that most people know about or discuss. It’s quite common for people to suffer from this condition and not even know it has a name.  The symptoms are quite clear… if you have them.  But since the cause is idiopathic (facy dr. talk for ‘unknown’) the treatment remains vague at […]

Plantar Fasciitis pain. Runners Foot. Keep a step ahead of surgery

Running may be good for some parts of your cardiovascular system, but it can be especially hard on your hips, knees and feet. The surface of joints are soft tissue and the muscles and tendons of your feet are guided and bundled with collagen-based soft tissue called fasciia.  Running on pavement is especially pounding on […]

Of Chickens, eggs, scientific studies and snake oil

Virtually every day I see people of “authority” passing judgment upon things that they do not understand.  They proclaim this “good for your heart” and that “bad for your heart”.  Worse yet, they will presume to know what natural remedy will work without even understanding how it functions.  I’ve seen proportedly intelligent people emphatically proclaim […]

Q&A: We Were Asked About Our Ionizer

Janina asked us: “I am interested in purchasing the air ionizer but am concerned if the grandchildren become curious & touch it….will they feel any shock or electric current.  I just want to make sure it is safe first.” We answered: “If you touch the edge of the antenna, you will feel a little bit […]

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