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Q&A: We Were Asked About Our Capsules Being Used by Non-Animal Sources

We were asked: Are the capsules made from non-animal sources and are alcohol-free? Are there any animal or non-halal or non-kosher ingredients, or alcohol in the sleep apnea product? Answer: The capsules ARE NOT made from non-animal sources and ARE alcohol free. No, there are only natural herbs in the Sleep Apnea Relief.

Does This Stuff Really Work? Yah, They Do….

People often ask, “Does this stuff really work?” Well, I’d like to address that question in a little more thorough manner than I often have time for on the phone. First the short answer. Yes. At Nature’s Rite, we’re not in business to sell everything that we can to everyone that we can. We’re here […]

About Our Products!

From the field to your door-step; ethical harvesting, careful preparation and secure packaging. At Nature’s Rite we take great care to select the finest herbs. We inspect every batch that comes in to ensure that the quality is up to our standards. Wild-crafted and organic herbs are all we use. When ever possible, our herbs […]

Our Philosophy

Product Design Philosophy Herbal Remedies that treat the symptoms, treat the problem and facilitate repair. Herbs have been used to treat health problems for thousands of years. This knowledge has been passed down through the generations among tribes and peoples all over the world. While the knowledge of the plants is old, new insight into […]

Can Drugs disturb my sleep? Can I use the Sleep Apnea Relief and my CPAP?

Bessie Asked Us: “I have had sleep apnea for some years now. I am supposed to use a bi-pap machine. I would like to know if the Neurontin and- or muscle relaxer I use for other health problems would have a bearing on my sleep apnea. I am thinking of ordering your product for sleep […]

We Lost a Good One: Being allowed to use nature to heal is your right!

Welcome to the first edition of The Nature’s Rite Review . Our new News-Letter will hopefully serve as a communication tool between us rather than a dissertation of healthcare facts. Please feel free to write back with your comments. You can reach us at I always enjoy your comments and testimonials on our products. […]

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