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The Left-Over King

I love eating left-overs.  I feel good about not wasting food.  Also, enjoying a good meal for a second time without having to re-build it is really convenient.  I used to worry, “Is that week-old chicken still good?” or “Can those meatballs really last for 10 days?”  My kids would ask me, “If I leave […]

The Trinity of Unity; Healing damaged tissues

I am constantly being asked what product would I recommend for supporting healing after surgery or for dealing with an impact-bruise or for helping a fracture.  The answer is the same… Bruise, Strain & Tear Repair (aka BST).  If you were hit hard in basketball and damaged some soft tissue… BST.  If you just had […]

Bone Density & Quality, it’s a piece of cake

Some prescription medications function by killing the cells that remove old bone so that you build the same amount of new bone but remove less old bone.  Some medications excite the cells that build bone so that you build more than you remove.  The commonality is that both methods cheat Mother Nature by im-balancing the natural […]

Swimming in lakes, Rivers & Oceans can lead to sinusitis, ear infections, stomach aches and more

Now that summer is here, we’re going to be playing in lakes, rivers and oceans more often.  These waters are not as clean as they once were.  In fact, some of the bacteria found in these bodies of water have been exposed to many years of discarded antibiotics and have become very resistant.  When you […]

Sprained Ankles, ACL tears, Tennis Elbow and Plantar Fasciitis are all soft tissue injuries

Soft Tissue injuries require collagen for repairs. Fibroblasts make collagen from amino acids and vitamin C. Bruise Strain & Tear Repair from Nature’s Rite facilitates the repair of these injuries by improving circulation to the damaged area, increasing the activity of the fibroblasts and maintaining flexibility of the adjacent tissue. Far better than ice or […]

Food Poisoning from E. coli in hamburger can lead to a week of diarrhea

Just last week, there was a massive recall in our area of hamburger that was tainted with an abundance of E. coli.  This is as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.  The meat packing houses process huge amounts of beef each day and there are E. coli everywhere.  Most forms of E. […]

Sinus Infections (bacterial and fungal) are best treated without Antibiotics

Just the phrase “Sinus Infection” is a little miss-leading.  Your sinuses always have bacteria and fungus in them.  Your immune system is always trying to kill off the bacteria and fungus.  The bacteria and fungus that are there constantly irritate and destroy nasal mucosa but you tend not to notice it until it gets “out […]

Sunburn can be healed naturally; the pain of sunburn and the itch can be relieved naturally

It’s been a long and hot summer.  I’d be willing to bet that you’ve had the sunburn lotion on more than a few times.  But what do you do when you forget to put it on.  What do you do when you’ve been in the water and it washed off?  What do you do when […]

What are medical Facts? Do natural therapies and herbal remedies really work?

The other day I was watching Dr. OZ on TV.  I don’t usually do this.  He had a number of “experts” on the show that were discussing the merits of a particular diet.  A couple of things struck me as I watched.  First, this is entertainment not education.  These experts were not researchers, they were […]

Why cold sores strike in the summer; The Herpes of sunlight, return of the particle empire.

One of the parameters that we use to define “life” is an organism’s ability to think or react.  This can be  as primitive as a bacterium moving away from an environment that is hazardous to its survival or as complex as a human contemplating the origins of morality.  There has been much discussion as to […]

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