Here’s a list of testimonials from our users. Our scientific studies have shown great results on many, and all of these herbs being natural and from-the-earth.

Sleep Apnea Relief

“It has been shown that lobeline stimulates the respiratory center within the brain stem, producing stronger and deeper breathing, which helps explain why lobelia is useful for respiratory complaints.”

— Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine, Andrew Chevallier, FNIMH

“I couldn’t stand sleeping with my CPAP. With this stuff, I don’t need it any more. Enclosed, please find my check for 4 bottles.”

— Michael B, CA

“After Rosa started using the sleep apnea machine in 2010, the machine did not improve her symptoms and she ceased using the machine. After I later read in the Health Sciences Institute report of October, 2011, about the benefits of your Sleep Apnea Relief medicine, and Rosa started taking the medicine, Rosa’s sleep apnea has been cured and she has been able to sleep well ever since.”

— Richard W., CA

“I was unable to get a decent night’s sleep all week and then your product arrived. I slept like a baby THAT NIGHT!!.. I love this stuff!”

— Jason Doppler, CA

“The product seems to be doing wonders for me. I love it!”

— Dan, Ohio

“I have been using the Sinus Trilogy products, as I have suffered numerous sinus infections, just chronic, since 1994 when my face hit the steering wheel of an automobile when I was in a wreck. I have been taking antibiotics 3 or 4 time a year trying to treat the infection. The sinus trilogy was the first product I’ve tried that is all natural and it’s absolutely wonderful. The Sinus Relief that fights the bacteria and fungus is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve had excellent results. I’m going to order my second batch. I absolutely love them!”

— Theresa, South Carolina

Eczema has been tormenting me for about a year now, and the usual allopathic treatments have been largely useless, not to mention expensive. Finally came across Rash Relief™ via Bruce West’s website and ordered some jars. Dramatically effective from the moment of first application. Thank you.

— David Fawcett, Claremont, CA.

“Nature’s Rite is another company I love. They use only natural ingredients and have remedies for a host of health issues. The Back & Neck Relief™ and Joint Relief™ are great after my late night gigs.”

— C.S. Johnny Lee Hooker (Musician)

“My husband and I have been using the Back & Neck Relief™ roll-on from Nature’s Rite and feel it has helped reduce our stiffness and pain from old injuries. We especially appreciate that the formula is non-greasy, and we don’t have to wait a long time for it to absorb. Also, the ingredients are very pure without a lot of toxic additives. We also use the Leg Cramp formula and the Ligaments, Tendon & Soft-Tissue Repair.”

— C.S. Renton, WA.

“I was preparing to have surgery on my knee for a torn meniscus that I had been suffering with for months. I started using the Bruise Strain & Tear Repair™exactly as they recommend and much to my surprise within a couple of weeks the pain was almost gone, especially while playing tennis, and I could bend my knee again!! I am now NOT having surgery. I couldn’t be happier with this product and have recommended it to several people who as well are having success.”

— Cheryl Lewis, co-owner, Total Tennis, Sarasota, FL

“I was a 3 year varsity athlete. My senior year I tore my ACL, Meniscus and MCL. Doctors were questionable about full recovery. After surgery I applied 2 to 3 times a day. Doctors said I recovered faster and stronger than average. I recommend this product to any age group from playground bruises to tissue tears, you’ll recover quicker and faster with Natures Rite Bruise Strain & Tear Repair™”

— Tanner From Idaho

“My family and I thank you. You saved our vacation…”

— Mary Beth R., CO

I had an upper respiratory issue causing mucus, cough, and low energy. After using the Respiratory Relief™ with my nebulizer I began to improve after just 2 treatments. I used it 3 times daily for a week and all of my symptoms were gone. Thank you Nature’s Rite.

— Tate Loveland, CO

I have been practicing holistic medicine for 38 years, and am always researching for products that work effectively. Your product “Food Poisoning Relief” is one such product. In fact, it qualifies as a magic bullet. Several months ago I had invited a friend to have dinner. The friend called an hour before to cancel because she had vomiting and diarrhea. I told her that I had a remedy that would rapidly end her symptoms. She came over, drank one bottle, and was fine in one hour. I now recommend that my patients purchase the four-bottle package so they have it at all times, especially when they travel.

— Dr. Abram Ber, M.D.

I flew home from Europe yesterday was home for a few hrs all the sudden felt hot starting passing lots of gas and over all lousy. I did use the nasal spray on the plane think this was from food. I went right to the Food Poisoning Relief™bottle did two shots and went to bed with chills woke up a few hours later soaking wet. Showered and went back to sleep did not feel real great today but no runs, upset stomach etc just took it easy at home. I did a second hit of FPR this morning just about back to normal now. I think the FPR saved a real bad one from occurring.

— Bill from Maryland

“This kit just made so much sense, I had to try it. I had constant digestive problems, couldn’t eat anything, I had tried everything and had just about given up. Thank you SOOoo much for this kit, I am writing to purchase two more for my friends (check enclosed). They can’t believe how much it helped me. My energy is up, I have normal stools (I know TMI) I feel like a new man! Oh and those probiotics actually taste good, wow. Thanks a million!”

— Bob McCallister, Stockton, CA

“I wanted just to tell you how well your Digestive Kit worked. I’m sure you get lots of these letters but I was in such bad shape and had tried so many things that I felt my story was special. I have suffered from what my doctor tells me is “irritable bowel syndrome”. Well, I guess he’s right because I find it very irritating not to be able to eat anything and have it come out right if you know what I mean. But I did your kit, followed the direction and even went for an extra month of probiotics. Well I’ll be, if it didn’t fix me right up! So I just wanted to say thank-you and God Bless you!.”

— Gladys Miller, Evansville, IN

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