The Left-Over King

I love eating left-overs.  I feel good about not wasting food.  Also, enjoying a good meal for a second time without having to re-build it is really convenient.  I used to worry, “Is that week-old chicken still good?” or “Can those meatballs really last for 10 days?”  My kids would ask me, “If I leave the pizza out over night but it’s in the box, is it still good?”  How long is tuna salad good for?  When will Alfredo sauce go bad?  You would have to be a microbiologist with access to an incubator and culture plates to know for sure.  Even the smell test can let you down.  Some bacteria just don’t smell.

So how do I eat left-overs that are more than a week old without fear?  How come I get to eat the pizza that was left out?  Because I have Food Poisoning Relief.  This stuff (The Antidote) is like a miracle in a bottle.  I can eat what ever I want because I know that If I get caught with something that’s gone bad, the consequences are not dire.  I won’t end up vomiting in the bathroom or having someone drive me to the hospital while bent-over and clutching my stomach.  At the first signs that the food may be causing me trouble, I just drink a bottle of Food Poisoning Relief and that’s the end of that.

When I’m out of town on vacation or business, I don’t have to worry.  I can eat in the airport.  I can eat on the street in Haiti.  I bring “The Antidote”.

This freedom from the fear of food poisoning is liberating.  I can’t imagine why 300 million Americans would even consider living without this stuff.  There should be bottles of Food Poisoning Relief in every medicine cabinet across this country.

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