The Trinity of Unity; Healing damaged tissues

I am constantly being asked what product would I recommend for supporting healing after surgery or for dealing with an impact-bruise or for helping a fracture.  The answer is the same… Bruise, Strain & Tear Repair (aka BST).  If you were hit hard in basketball and damaged some soft tissue… BST.  If you just had plastic surgery and want to heal faster… BST.  If you jumped off a building and damaged your heal…BST… and perhaps counseling.  Are you sensing a common thread here?  If you damage something it will heal better with BST.

“Why is that?” you say.  Well, it’s the Trinity of Unity.  There are three powerful healing herbs that works so well together that they form what I like to call, “The Trinity of Unity” as they will unify separated bone or tendon and heal micro-tears in tissue better than anything else on the planet.  These three herbs are Comfrey, Arnica and Rosemary.  The Comfrey is known for its ability to increase the activity of fibroblasts.  These are the little collagen factories that build restorative tissue.  You need to produce more collagen to repair skin, bone and tendon or ligament tissue.  Pour on the Comfrey and turn-up the fibroblasts.  The Arnica supports healing tissue and contains enzymes which digest the micro-clots that can block access to the region.  Pour on the Arnica and ‘let the healing begin’.  Rosemary improves the flow of peripheral vasculature which allows the vital building blocks of new tissue to be delivered more easily to the construction site.  Pour on the Rosemary and get the supplies to the site.

Of course there are support herbs and vitamins that help immensely with the recovery such as vitamins A, C, and E to reduce scar tissue formation.  Willow reduces the pain of the injury without reducing the all-important inflamation signal that maintains the healing process.  Witch Hazel relaxes muscle fibers so that residual trauma doesn’t put excess strain on healing regions.

And all of these herbs… They’re in Bruise Strain and Tear Repair.  Indeed, BST is the best thing to use on any recovery from injury or surgery.  It’s just that simple.

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