Bone Density & Quality, it’s a piece of cake

Some prescription medications function by killing the cells that remove old bone so that you build the same amount of new bone but remove less old bone.  Some medications excite the cells that build bone so that you build more than you remove.  The commonality is that both methods cheat Mother Nature by im-balancing the natural system of bone recycling to obtain the objective of adding more bone.  Remember, “It’s not NICE to fool Mother Nature!” The results can be some terrible side-effects and adding (in most cases) poor quality, brittle bone.  The clinical studies show increased bone density …but life is showing no fewer hip fractures.  This allows strong advertising but is over-all bad for my Mom and yours. You cannot build quality bone without all of the ingredients to build quality bone being present in your body at the same time.

As a society we tend to get MORE than enough calcium from the food that we eat.  We do NOT get enough Vitamin C from our food to produce the collagen which is used to make bone.  Dr. Linus Pauling taught us that we cannot synthesize this vitamin and we need a lot of it.  We do NOT get enough Vitamin D to regulate the Calcium levels in our body.  The amount established by the USRDA is only enough to keep us from getting Ricketts.   We should take in more than the minimum to keep from being diseased.  Most of us don’t get enough Vitamin K, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Boron, Manganese, Phosphorus and especially Copper to turn the collagen that we can make into quality bone.  There are many building blocks that are utilized by our bodies to build quality bone.  Quality bone is dense, it is resilient, it is hard where it needs strength and soft where it needs to bend and able to take the impact of daily use.

If you take lots of Calcium without all that you need to build bone, your body’s first response is to dump it out in the urine.  Then, it tries to squirrel it away by just attaching it to bones (bone spurs).  If you force still more on it, your body can actually resort to make kidney stones and gall stones.  Don’t do that.

Sure, you can bake a cake with just flour, water and some baking powder.  We call it a pancake.  But anyone who bakes pastry treats, knows that the difference between a bland and simple pancake and a pastry (fit to serve to their Mom) is found in the details of the subtler ingredients.   And so it is with building quality bone.  You need to select a quality supplement with ALL of the ingredients that your body needs in order to make all of the wonderful different types of bone that make-up our skeletal system, keeping it so versatile and durable.

But then do one more thing.  Frost that cake with a layer of Black Cohosh to balance the endocrine system naturally, so that your body rebuilds quality bone at the same rate that it disassembles old bone for re-cycling.  Black Cohosh has been used for centuries to help women transition the natural endocrine level change associated with the shift of living from child bearing to non-child-bearing age.  Make sure that you buy a supplement that has it ALL in there.  This beautiful natural and balanced recipe should be the basis of your bone density maintenance pastry.  Bon Appetite !     (pun intended)

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