Swimming in lakes, Rivers & Oceans can lead to sinusitis, ear infections, stomach aches and more

Now that summer is here, we’re going to be playing in lakes, rivers and oceans more often.  These waters are not as clean as they once were.  In fact, some of the bacteria found in these bodies of water have been exposed to many years of discarded antibiotics and have become very resistant.  When you swallow water accidentally or fall of your water-skis and get water up you nose, you are getting a host of pathogens that you body is not used to.  This can cause upset stomach, sinus infections and ear infections. Kids are especially vulnerable to these infections since they don’t really understand the need to NOT ingest the water.  Kids also have smaller eustachian tubes which clog more easily and lead to ear infections.

So here’s a tip.  When you get back from the lake spray your Sinus Relief a few times and/or rinse your sinuses with Super Neti Juice.  This way, any un-wanted microbes that have gotten in there and are about to take-up-residence will be killed and evicted.  It may sound like harsh punishment to the bacteria, but hey… they were going to do bad things to you.  The Sinus Relief and Super Neti Juice can be used daily in this manner with out causing any problems for you.  This is unlike antibiotics which can only be taken once you are sick.  So how about that?  You can prevent illness before it gets started instead of waiting until it’s out of hand.  Now that’s health-care.  Much… Much better than disease treatment.

If the kids were out swimming in a something other than a chlorinated pool and they complain of a “belly-ache” later in the day, you can assume that they got too many bacteria.  You know that every lake, river and ocean have them.  They don’t close them until the numbers get way too high.  But what if you were there the day before??? Did they just Jump Up when the bacteria level was tested?  Nope.  They’re dirty all the time.  It’s just a matter of degree.  So when the kids have a sour stomach or a “belly-ache”, remember to give them some Food Poisoning Relief.  If you get it right away, they’ll be off the couch and playing in the yard in no time at all.

You can have a healthy fun-filled summer and we here at Nature’s Rite can help you do it.  Log on now and stock-up for the summer.  Don’t forget to get a coupon on-line for 20% off.  If you order over the phone, ask for your coupon on the phone.  But most of all, get your product now so that you will have it when you need it.


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