Stopping sinus infections without antibiotics, how to use Sinus Relief and Super Neti Juice.

I’ve been approached recently with lots of question regarding how to properly use Sinus Relief and Super Neti Juice.  While this subject is cover in great detail in the book Managing Sinus Health, I would like to hit some of the highlights here.  These two products are like the knife and fork of sinus health, when used together they offer a terrific solution.  Separately, they are wonderful tools, but don’t address the entire task.

The Sinus Relief is a convenient pocket-sized spray bottle containing the power antimicrobial silver colloid-based nasal spray.  It kills bacteria and fungus extremely well and can be carried easily.  Why is this important? because the bacteria and fungus in your sinuses can double in numbers every 20 minutes.  That is the time it takes for bacteria and fungus to replicate.  You can kill millions of them but you can’t kill them all in one spray.  The ones that are left will replicate and replace a lot of the ones that you killed.  In order to stay ahead (killing more than are made) you need to spray every 20 to 30 minutes.  If you have the spray in your pocket, you can easily do this throughout the day without needing a neti-pot or a sink.  This allows you to kill, kill, kill those invading pathogens all day long.

“But why do I need the Super Neti Juice then?”  Quite simply, the spray can only reach so far into the sinuses.  The Super Neti Juice when poured in one nostril and out the other will soak the deepest sinus recesses with the same killing power that the Sinus Relief spray delivers to the nasal area.  This is very power indeed.  If you fill your sinuses by pouring the fluid through with a neti pot, then trap the Super Neti Juice in your sinuses and let it sit there for 10 minutes, you are going to kill millions and millions of un-wanted bacteria and fungus.  Remember, time is your friend.  The silver colloid kills very well but it DOES NOT kill very quickly.  Allowing the Super Neti Juice 10 minutes of contact with the sinus membranes is going to kill 10 times more bacteria and fungus than if it only has 5 minutes of contact.

So use the Super Neti Juice in the morning and evening to effect a tremendous kill on the upper and more distant sinuses.  Then, throughout the day, spray the Sinus Relief spray (while inhaling) to kill even more.  This combination dramatically speeds the results of stopping your sinus infection.

After you have gotten the infection under control, the symptoms will subside.  You are not done !  There are still survivors in there that need to be dealt with.  If you quit when the symptoms subside, they will multiply and mount a return battle.  After the symptoms subside, you can reduce the frequency with which you spray and neti-pot, but keep up the protocol for a few more days.  If you get the populations of the invading pathogens low enough, your immune system will be able to keep it in check until the next big upset caused by a cold or congestion.

Sinus Relief and Super Neti Juice… the Dynamic Duo of the Sinusitis battle!

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