Stomach Ulcers can be healed naturally by killing the H-pylori bacteria and facilitating tissue re-growth of the lesion.

Most of us carry H-pylori bacteria in our stomach.  This is not a terribly hospitable place (your stomach) as the pH (acidity) can get very low (around 3.0).  Even so, the H-pylori is a rather un-usual bacteria in that it is anearobic.  It prefers an environment without oxygen.  This makes it particularly difficult to culture and grow in the lab as part of a bacterial challenge test.  It is seldom used for this.   A very strong correlation however, has been shown between the presence of this bacteria and stomach ulcers.  So strong, in fact, that a titer (test) for it is usually done before a diagnosis of stomach ulcer is given.

It seems that this opportunistic bacteria will take advantage of a stressed host (you) and produce ulcers (sores) in the stomach when too much stress is placed on the host.  This stress can be in the form of emotional or difficult to manage and digest foods.  Over a period of time. these sores can become quite severe and increase in depth through the stomach lining until they go from mildly irritating (chronic) to acute and rupturing a blood vessel (bleeding ulcer).  When this occurs, immediate action is usually required and the condition is quite painful indeed.  Modern surgical intervention is usually to insert a probe down the throat into the stomach and to cauterize (burn and melt) the ulcer to seal it shut.  In order to further support the healing of this new wound, the patient is instructed to eat a bland diet and rather little solid food at that.  Of course acid suppressing drugs are administered to relieve some burden on the healing tissues and this will certainly cause poor nutritional absorption during a period where nutritional absorption is important.

This approach is rather typical of modern medicine and is rather primitive in its essence.  When you consider it essentially is: Damage the area more extensively in an attempt to cause a healing response and then leave it alone for a while to heal.  Yes indeed we sure have come a long way in medicine haven’t we?

The more natural approach would likely be to use an active agent that will kill the bacteria that are accelerating the tissue degradation and then support the body in its effort to heal.  To this end, we have undertaken several case-studies using the enhanced aqueous silver colloid produced here at Nature’s Rite and a carefully designed protocol to treat stomach ulcers.

Years ago I experimented with the effectiveness of aqueous silver colloids in reduced pH environments in the laboratory.  It seemed that they performed rather well down to a pH of about 3.5.  For acidity beyond that point, the response was presumed to drop-off as the colloid precipitated from solution within 2o to 30 minutes.  This renders it relatively ineffective.  Through testing, it became clear that the colloid would work to kill the H-pylori, but that special attention to the application protocol would be necessary.

The essence of the protocol was to take a week of acid pump inhibitor (like omeprazole).  During this period of time, ingest periodic volumes of the enhanced colloid on an empty stomach to kill off the bacteria.  The colloid was ingested 4 times per day for a couple of days.  Then, the remainder of the treatment rested on a protocol of re-introducing foods interspersed by periods of drinking herbal tea.  The herbal tea was specifically designed to encourage rapid healing of the stomach lining, protection of the healing area and pain relieving compounds.

The whole process takes about a month and significant improvement is noticed within a couple of weeks.

This process was tested on a couple volunteers with great success.  Both volunteers had complete remission.  Later follow-up testing indicated neither the presence of H-pylori nor an active lesion.  Optical evaluation of one patient did indeed confirm that the lesion (a large one) had been present and had punctured a large vessel producing the symptomatic bleeding that had been experienced.  The other patient had the presence of the ulcer confirmed by MRI.  Neither patient experienced any adverse events during the process and both have remained healed to this day (some 6 years later).

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