Sinus Infections (bacterial and fungal) are best treated without Antibiotics

Just the phrase “Sinus Infection” is a little miss-leading.  Your sinuses always have bacteria and fungus in them.  Your immune system is always trying to kill off the bacteria and fungus.  The bacteria and fungus that are there constantly irritate and destroy nasal mucosa but you tend not to notice it until it gets “out of hand”.  This is the point where it is referred to as a “Sinus Infection.”  Truth be told, it would make a lot more sense to deal with the condition before it gets to this point.

Antibiotics kill bacteria.  They do not kill all types of bacteria.  Each type of antibiotic kills a certain set of bacteria.  Antibiotics do NOT kill fungus at all.  So when you take antibiotics for a sinus infection, you reduce the “infectious burder” by reducing the amount of some of the bacteria.  This reduces the symptoms to the point where they are tolerable.  Yet, you still have bacteria and fungus in your sinuses.  The remaining microbes will grow and take-over the territory that used to be occupied by the ones that you just killed with the antibiotic.  This is what is referred to as “shifting the fauna”.  So using antibiotics to treat a sinus infection doesn’t kill all the bacteria (just the easy to kill ones) and it doesn’t even harm the fungus.  I think that you can see why this is not an appropriate means of treatment.

What you need in order to treat a sinus infection appropriately is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial.  This is an agent that will kill all sorts of bacteria and fungus.  In this way, you can make a huge reduction in the total microbial load that is irritating your sinuses without killing only some and shifting the fauna.  This is a much better method.  What would be even better would be if this antimicrobial agent could be used before the microbial load gets large enough to cause lots of “sickness” symptoms.

The antimicrobial that is perfect for this task can be found in Sinus Relief nasal spray and Super Neti Juice neti-pot rinse.  These products are broad-spectrum antimicrobials that kill bacteria AND fungus extremely well.  What’s more, they are applied directly to the region where the infection is occurring so you don’t have to take them orally and have them ravaging throughout your body like oral antibiotics.  With the Sinus Relief spray, the only requirement is that you spray it every 20 minutes or so.  This keeps it “ever-present” attacking the fungus and bacteria and killing them faster than they can reproduce.  You see, they double in numbers every 20 minutes.  With the Super Neti Juice, you are literally soaking the bacteria and fungus.  If you hold the Super Neti Juice in your sinus for 5 or 10 minutes before you let it drain out, you can kill Billions of bacteria and fungus.  This is hugely effective.

Both of these products are so benign to nasal tissue that you can use them as much as you like and especially before the sinus bacterial load gets to the point of making you sick.  Imagine that!  They cost less than a doctor’s visit and you can use them to NOT get sick.  This is the perfect solution to maintaining healthy sinuses.

If you have been suffering from sinus infections for years, you may have to treat them in this way for a couple of weeks to get the bacterial and fungal load down to a manageable point.  But from then on… you will have the upper hand.  The freedom to breathe.  The ability to smell.  No more aching teeth or frontal headaches.  Healthy, happy sinuses.  Now what would that be worth?

3 thoughts on “Sinus Infections (bacterial and fungal) are best treated without Antibiotics

  1. Eugene says:

    I went through antibiotics and sinus surgery. I can’t see physical explanation how this solution will work. In fact, I ‘m sure it won’t do anything. Another useless spray

    • naturesrite says:

      Hi Eugene,
      How can you be “sure” it’s useless when you don’t know how it works? I wrote a book on the subject of dealing with sinusitis and it would help you to understand. Also, here is a link that will give you a better understanding. It does in fact work. I’ve been seeing the results for 10+ years and even in a clinical study. Enjoy.

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