Silver colloids, when used correctly, offer the best antimicrobial benefits for intra-nasal bacterial and fungal control

I actually read a comment to one of my videos that stated, “There is no documented evidence that silver is antimicrobial.”

Well this statement is ridiculously ignorant and patently false.  The origin of the statement is often attributed to the FDA and it is a misunderstanding of that statement and taken well out of context.  If anyone makes this statement, you immediately know two things.  First, they have never done experimental work with silver and bacteria in the laboratory.  And Secondly, they do not know how to read previously published work on PubMed or in scientific journals.

Anyone who has worked in a burn unit is familiar with silver-sulfadiazene cream and anyone who has worked in a birthing unit has used silver nitrate drop.  I have worked in a microbiology lab with my own eyes watching bacteria die as I expose them to silver colloid and in the clinic seeing illness abate when properly treated with silver colloidal products.  The fact is that there is a lot of research published and simply made public illustrating the effective nature of silver against bacteria and fungus.   Some of it has even been published on the site.  Some is done by private labs in private companies, some done privately and then published on-line and a few are published in journals from the middle of last century through recent days.

The important aspect of this confusion is to understand that for something to work correctly (anything really) it has to be used correctly.  Silver takes time to kill.  It is not a contact antiseptic like bleach or ammonia or alcohol.  These kill bacteria by destroying the cell walls on contact.  Silver takes longer.  For some bacteria, in order to achieve kill ratios of 1,000,000 to 1 with silver requires exposures of 20 minutes.  This makes silver impractical for some applications.  For instance, it would not make a good disinfectant for a kitchen counter.  I wouldn’t use it to rub on my hands to disinfect them after touching something infected or dirty.  Silver is not the antimicrobial of choice for every disinfecting job.

In situations where you can get a sufficiently long exposure to the pathogens (germs) and where you need a broad range of types killed, silver colloidal products will work well.  In fact, due to the lack of unwanted side-effects, they work VERY well.  Alcohols, bleaches and other contact antiseptics usually kill ALL cells that they contact.  This makes their use in delicate places like eyes and noses completely impractical.  This is precisely why Nature’s Rite employs the killing power of silver colloids in our nasal products.  It is harmless to the nasal mucosa and sinus tissues.  Yet, if you apply it regularly enough and keep it there long enough, it will kill million of bacteria and fungus.  In order to get the same killing effect with other antimicrobials, you would need several different types of antibiotics AND anti-fungals.

For nasal and sinus applications, silver colloids offer the best combination of features and fewest side effects of any antimicrobial known to man.

As for the FDA… They know good and well that silver kills bacteria and fungus.  They are approving claims for more silver coatings and products every day.  I have talked with them on the phone and they are not the least bit confused about whether silver kills bacteria.  If you want to do the research, you will see the evidence.  If you don’t, just read some of the supporting research that I’ve posted on the site.  I have  10 years of it stacked on my shelves and in my file cabinets.  Remember, the key to the success of any tools is using it correctly.

So read the directions on our products and follow them to the letter.  They are as important as what’s in the bottle.  If you have questions, read the book, visit the site or give us a call.  When properly used, Sinus Relief, Super Neti Juice and Respiratory Relief are the most effective tools for dealing with respiratory infections that you can find on Earth.

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