Restless Legs and Leg Cramps can be handled with one Natural Herbal product.

Restless legs are not something that most people know about or discuss.

It’s quite common for people to suffer from this condition and not even know it has a name.  The symptoms are quite clear… if you have them.  But since the cause is idiopathic (facy dr. talk for ‘unknown’) the treatment remains vague at best.  I have seen a number of conversations where the symptoms are being discussed and many heads are nodding, indicating that they have the same symptoms.  In the end, all of the nodding heads are surprised to learn that there is a name for this condition.  Restless Leg Syndrome.  Truth-be-told, it’s not just limited to legs.  This irresistible need to move can extend to feet, toes, fingers, arms…  and it’s quite prevalent.

In my own case, the condition manifests as a need to “grip” with my feet.  Stomping them on the ground, massaging them, putting them in hot water does nothing to relieve this ‘need to move’.  Most people will recommend that you try calcium or magnesium or potassium.  These are well known to be critical in nervous system operation and health.  For those of us with RLS, they simply don’t work.  I think that RLS sufferers would love for the Placebo effect to work here.  Anything would be better than laying in bed trying NOT to move but feeling such profound nervous stimulation from our legs or arms that we absolutely have no choice.

I tried chiropractic, dietary supplements from amino acids to vitamins and minerals, herbs and what-have-you’s.  Nothing did the trick.

At one point, my mother mentioned that almost every night, she would be awakened from her sleep by terrible leg cramps.  We naturally, I told her to get more magnesium and potassium.  ”Eat some bananas.” I told her.  Lots of luck.  That didn’t help.  So I set about to design an herbal lotion that could be rolled on to her legs, relieving the nocturnal muscle cramps.  After a couple of weeks, I got it right and sent her a sample.  She loved it.  She kept it on her night stand and when the cramps struck, just reached over, grabbed the bottle and rolled it on.  After using it a few times, my Mom called to exclaim her feeling.  They were a combination of disbelief and relief.  She didn’t understand how her son could have made something that worked when nothing else did and at the same time, she was grateful for finally getting relief.

I get this all the time from customers.  They call in to tell me that, “This product really works” as if this were news to me.  Well… actually, we won’t sell anything that doesn’t work.  This is not front-page news.  Yet, I diverge.  Getting back to restless legs…

One evening as I lay in bed,  I became aware that I was not drifting off into a deep sleep as I desired.  I was tossing and turning in a very light, worthless sleep.  When exploring why, my consciousness was aware that my feet were “gripping”.  As I lay there in bed, my feet were gripping and un-gripping every few seconds.  There seemed to be nothing that I could do about it.  This was greatly disturbing my sleep.  I tried to massage them.  No benefit.  I smacked them on the floor.  No benefit.  I hyper-extended them.  No benefit.

In a move of pure desperation, I walked down to my lab and grabbed a prototype bottle of the Leg Relaxer that I had made to treat my Mom’s nocturnal leg cramps.  I trudged upstairs and rolled it on the bottoms of my feet.  The next few moments I will never forget.  I could literally feel the restless agitated feeling in my feet dissolve away.  I lay their in disbelief as my feet remained still… completely still with no need to move.  It was miraculous, it was wonderful… This stuff really works!  Oooh geeez, now I was doing it.  Exhaustion overcame me and I fell to sleep.

The next morning I awoke and questioned the validity of my new ‘discovery’.  I’m my own worst skeptic.  What could be in this stuff that elicited that response?  Well I can tell you this.  You cannot just pick up an herbal book and select herbs that have traditionally been used to combat Restless Leg Syndrome.  I have since hypothesized what may be happening, but it’s just a guess.

The following evening as I lay in bed, I could feel the anxiousness again and my feet were gripping.  I could stop it with sheer will-power for maybe 20 seconds at a time.  But each time, I would yield to the greater demand of my body for movement.  I was sure that it was happening.  It was time.  I grabbed the bottle of Leg Relaxer and rolled it on my feet.  Boom.  Almost like magic, the feeling dissipated.  Laying there, still and relaxed, I gave thanks for the herbs of the Earth and drifted smoothly off to sleep.

And so Leg Relaxer became a marketing dilemma.  Do I sell it for leg cramps or for restless legs?  To this day, there are two separate web pages for the two different ailments. Leg Relaxer handles them both.  Same formula, same label, same product.

So if you work on your feet all day and come home with tired aching feet or if you have RLS, rest assured, there is something that you can do. Leg Relaxer is for you.  One unique wonderful product that so naturally remedies two idiopathic maladies.

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