Rash Relief handles eczema, athlete’s foot, poison ivy and more

Not every rash is eczema, some can be caused by an allergic reaction and some can be caused by chemical irritants.

The funny part is that eczema is defined as a rash with un-known origin.  That leaves it kind of open…  The other problem in determining the cause of a rash is that psoriasis is often confused for eczema and visa-versa.  This confusion is so strong that many dermatologists diagnosis them incorrectly.

Psoriasis is usually hereditary and tends to occur more in elderly and in large areas.  It is an auto-immune reaction and so it tends to manifest in folks who are quite ill with other more systemic maladies.  Eczema on the other hand, can come and go.  It can be seasonal and usually flairs up during periods of stress.  It can occur in the very young and it tends to occur in small patches.

Perhaps the best explanation of eczema that I have encountered is that it involves a symbiosis between a bacteria and a fungus or a virus and a fungus.  In this mutually beneficial relationship, the immune system is mislead by the virus or bacteria thereby tagging and devouring skin cells in its efforts to consume and destroy the invader.  This  keeps the skin exposed and vulnerable while the fungus feeds on the destroyed skin cells and produces exo-toxins which irritate the area.  It is based on this hypothesis that the formula for Rash Relief was developed.

The formula, in order to address the cause, must be anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial.  This will allow it to directly and positively attack the possible invading pathogens.  Then, in order to deal with the symptoms, it must relieve pain, itching and inflamation associated with the destruction of skin and release of exo-toxins.  Thirdly, it must support the body in healing the damage.  This requires accelerating the production of skin cells to seal-up the breach of barrier into the body and once again restore our primary line of defense to pathogenic evasion… the skin.

The herbs selected for Rash Relief are designed to perform these three functions.  In fact, most Nature’s Rite products are designed with this basic premise in mind.  Correct the problem, relieve the symptoms and help the body to heal.  Clearly this is a far more holistic solution than the pharmaceutical agents that take a more one dimensional approach.  antihistamine creams fight the histamine reaction.  This does nothing to stop the cause of eczema.  It does nothing to help the skin to heal.  In fact, these one-dimensional approaches often fail due to their simplistic and insufficient treatment of what usually is a multi-dimensional and complex ailment.

Rash Relief doesn’t work on every rash.  Chemical irritant exposure can produce severe contact-dermatitis.  Psoriasis requires a treatment geared towards auto-immune reactions.  But for many rashes and for children through adults, the simple case of eczema can be managed quite well with a holistic approach like Rash Relief.  Even some rashes that are not eczema such as athlete’s foot are handled quite nicely by Rash Relief since the product contains herbs to attack the fungus, relieve the itch and pain and to re-build the skin.  Some users have even reported exceptional results in dealing with poison oak and poison ivy.  The formulation needs to be so broad in order to deal with the complex pathology of eczema that it has ingredients which will handle a myriad of different ailments.

Miracle Cream?  No.  But it sure works well on a number of different skin conditions.

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