Don’t let allergies turn into a sinus infection this Spring.

Spring is here and there are lots of allergens in the air.

These little particles can irritate the nasal mucosa and cause inflammation (re: stuffy nose).  ”So what”, you say.  ”I’ll get over it.”  Well, yes you will.  But when your sinuses get inflamed and blocked, they can become warm moist pockets of mucus that are just right for breeding fungus and bacteria.  So this “little stuffy nose”, can become a sinus infection in the blink of an eye.

It’s a funny thing about sinus infections.  Sometimes, they’re rather small and you don’t really notice them.  There will just be some congestion and drainage and you might attribute that to “allergies”.  You might even complain that taking your normal antihistamine isn’t working as well this time.  …That’s because it’s an infection.

So here’s a tip.  Every day, you’re breathing fungus, molds pollens and bacteria with every breath.  Several times per day, spray the Sinus Relief into your nose to kill that stuff before it gets embedded and blooms.  Preventative maintenance.  It’s a wonderful thing.  With Sinus Relief, you can kill that stuff everyday and not have to wait until it turns into a great-big infection.

While you’re at it, you ought to pick up some Sinus Support to soothe those dry and irritated nostrils and some Congestion Relief to open up that clogged Schnozzle so you can breathe easier.  Be pro-active this Spring.  Get the Sinus Trilogy (all three products) and keep that little bit of pollen irritation from becoming a full-fledged sinus infection.  You’ll be glad you did.

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