Combating Sinusitis with Super Neti Juice in a Neti pot. Sinus infections beware !

Sinus infection season is approaching and many of you are already getting colds and flu.

These upper respiratory illnesses often trigger sinus infections since they irritate and damage the sinus and nasal tissues leaving them vulnerable and sensitive to inflammation due to pathogens and irritants.   The best way to prevent getting these upper respiratory infections is to spray Sinus Relief regularly throughout the day when you are out in public places being exposed to germs.  Doing this regularly will kill the invading pathogens before they can multiply enough to over-power your immune system.  Personally, I carry a bottle of Sinus Relief in my coat pocket so that It’s right where I need it throughout the day.  Use it to prevent illness.

If you should get a cold or flu that leads to sinus infection, then call out the high-power stuff and go after it directly.  Put that Super Neti Juice into a Neti-pot and run it through your nasal area and sinus passages.  My favorite means of using Super Neti Juice (we call it SNJ around here) is in the neti pot.  I use it full concentration because it tends to sting less.  Pouring a little bit (1/3 ounce) into the neti pot, I hang my head over the sink and tilt it to one side.  I then pour the SNJ in one nostril until it’s coming out the other.  I then plug the out-pouring nostril with one finger, remove the neti pot and plug the in-coming nostril with another finger and trap the SNJ in my sinuses.

Trying not to swallow, so it stays in the sinuses, I sit down and read a magazine or watch TV for about 10 minutes.  The SNJ can kill Millions if not Billions of bacteria and fungus in 10 minutes.  If you leave it in for only a few seconds, it doesn’t work nearly as well.  The Super Neti Juice will kill microbes VERY well, but it takes time.  The more time, the better.  After I let it drain down the sink, I blow my nose and do it again.

By doing it twice, you get amazing exposure and also get rid of lots of mucus that can block contact to the nasal membranes where lots of the microbes are living and causing damage.

If you’re sick, do this several times per day.  If you are just being preventative, once a day or when you’ve been exposed to lots of sick people will be fine.  It’s really safe to do as often as you like.  Just remember, you want to leave it in your sinuses as long as you can before draining it out.

For normal sinus flushing and regular soothing, nothing beast the Herbal Neti Soother.  It has lots of great soothing herbs and aloe vera in a saline balanced base.  This one needs to be diluted as recommended on the bottle to achieve the correct salinity.  Oh does that feel gooooood.

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