Food Poisoning! Don’t let it ruin your day.

A friend of mine related to me an interesting anecdote the other day. It’s one that I’ve heard a number of time, a number of ways. It seems that his 15 year-old son had eaten at a popular local “cheap” restaurant a few hours earlier and was laying on the couch. He couldn’t get up or do anything because his gut hurt and he had no energy.

My friend knows the benefits of using enhanced aqueous silver colloids to treat food poisoning and so, rather than wait for it to get bad enough to head for the hospital, he gave his son an ounce of Super Neti Juice to drink. Yup. To drink. In 20 minutes, this young lad was off the couch and outside running and playing.“It’s like a miracle.” people tell me all the time. Yup. To be able to go through life without having to worry about getting food poisoning is pretty miraculous. It’s even nicer as we realize that we can help the ones that we love feel better when they have taken ill.

So here’s the point. Super Neti Juice is not just for noses anymore. It is the same enhanced aqueous silver colloid that I have used for years to test and treat bacterial infections in the general intestinal tract. The dose is rather simple, you take an ounce when you notice the problem and an ounce about 30 minutes later if the symptoms have not gone away.

Now there’s even more reason to have a bottle or two on hand. Summer is coming and there are bound to be pick-nicks with spoiled macaroni salad, tainted hamburger, un-washed lettuce, infected strawberries…. and on and on and on. Go bravely into the summer months and enjoy your food. You have Super Neti Juice to save the day.

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