Does This Stuff Really Work? Yah, They Do….

People often ask, “Does this stuff really work?”

Well, I’d like to address that question in a little more thorough manner than I often have time for on the phone. First the short answer. Yes.

At Nature’s Rite, we’re not in business to sell everything that we can to everyone that we can. We’re here to help people. We could easily sell a hundred products and tell you how to use each one in a very convincing manner. But we don’t. We sell only those products that will make a difference in your health in a way that no other product offering can do.

Nothing works for everyone all the time. There are people for whom ibuprophen doesn’t work. There are people who do not get benefit even from morphine and there is a whole continuum in between. All drugs, herbs, vitamins and minerals respond in different people to different extents. Dosing is the most important part of prescribing. Where that is vitamins and minerals to address a dietary deficiency or herbs to address an acute health issue. Some people are 300 pounds and some are 100 pounds. Some respond very well to herbs and others hardly respond at all. The reasons for this deal with how sensitive our individual cells and the DNA that they contain are to the constituents of the herbs. In some, the slight presence of an herbal constituent can trigger the cell’s DNA to produce lots of prostaglandin. In others, the response to the same amount of herb can produce so little that the effect will not be noticed.

Clinical studies and scientific studies can be conducted on herbs and vitamins, but the dosing may be such that with a random distribution of the population, no discernible effect can be statistically proven. Yet, within that study, there will be people who derived great benefit. Of course, balancing this statistically will be those who derived no benefit at all. At the end of the study, a statistician is left to decide whether the effect on the entire population of the study is significant enough to suggest that there is an effect that was greater than that which could have been achieved by chance.

If it is determined that there was an effect, does that mean the substance will work for you? No. If it is determined that there was no effect, does that mean that the substance will not work for you? No. What it means is that with a sample of random population, we can be certain that it will/will not work for a majority of the population.

This, is not the question that you ask when you call us on the phone. What you ask is, “Will this work for me?”. The answer is simpler than I have presented here. The answer is, “If you want to know, try it.” Obviously, we wouldn’t sell products that don’t work well for the majority of people who use them. We are in the business of helping people be healthier. We sell products that work very well for most people. But ultimately, if you want to know if this will work for you, then you need to try it.

This is why we offer you the money-back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, then we don’t want to take your money. If you take your car to a garage and they spend $3000 to fix a problem but it’s still there when you get it back, do they refuse your money? If you go to a hospital and have $30,000 worth of tests done but they can’t find the problem, do they still charge you? If you go to a lawyer and he tries but loses your case in court do you still have to pay?

We don’t work like that. We will sink or swim as a company based on whether we are actually helping people. If we are not helping our customers, we will perish. If we bring you products that are useful, then by your choice, we will flourish. This is as it should be in the world.

Did you know?

A bacterial population can double in size in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. This is one of the reasons why the Sinus Relief protocol requires re-application every 20 to 30 minutes. You see, the mucosal flow will remove what you spray and the interstitial ions will neutralize it within 20 to 30 minutes. After that period of time, if you don’t spray more, the bacteria that survived the previous spray will begin to multiply again.

Example 1
Let’s say that you killed 75,000 of the 100,000 bacteria that you reached with a spray of the Sinus Relief. That’s 75%… not bad. It took 20 minutes to kill them, But in 20 minutes after that, the 25,000 remaining bacteria will become 50,000. Then by the end of an hour, you will be back up to 100,000 bacteria. You are not winning this war.

Example 2
Let’s say instead, that you spray and kill 75,000 bacteria of the 100,000 and then you are left with 25,000. This time, after 20 minutes when the population is down to 25,000, you spray again. In 20 more minutes the 25,000 has be reduced to 5,000.

You can easily see that the population in example two is being continually reduced while the population in example one remains constant.

Using Sinus Relief as directed will eventually terminate the infection.

Using Sinus Relief every hour or two will not. The choice is yours.


The new administration in Washington was ushered in by a national majority of voters who want change. Change in: the transparency of government, in the way investment and finance are monitored, in the relations that we have with other countries and in the very accountability of our politicians. We nearly lost sight of the need for healthcare reform in our fervor to fix this facade of a financial system which cleverly masks the orchestrated siphoning of cash from the nebulous constructs of corporations to the hands of the rich and powerful. This is really a re-distribution of wealth perpetrated by the wealthy on the working class.

There is another aspect of the health of the American people that needs attention. In 1938, the FDA was created by Congress to enhance the health of the American people. It was intended then and is intended now to serve the American people and empower them while protecting them to become healthier. With the establishment of major pharmaceuticals, the FDA became more of an “enforcer” keeping un-safe and powerful drugs, coming from conscious-less corporation, from killing and poisoning Americans. Then, they found it necessary to become involved in the testing aspect of drugs to keep these same dangerous pharmaceutical companies from killing and poisoning people in impoverished nations for the purpose of testing new drugs. In fact, over the years from the late 40′s until now, the bulk of their activity has been to keep criminally negligent and exploitative behavior from occurring in the testing, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs. This has shaped a very strong “Authoritative and Enforcing” mentality.

What we need is more of a supportive and empowering behavior as they evaluate and oversee the use of herbs and vitamins by Americans who want to become and remain healthy naturally. There always have been and always will be those who exploit opportunity. The abuse of herbs for weight-loss is a perfect example. But this minority behavior should not be what sets the tone of how we oversee the use of herbs by the majority of responsible health-seeking Americans. Empowering this industry with the ability to simply say on the label what the herbs and vitamins may be used for would open the mysterious box of potential health benefiting products to the many, many people whom they may help.

Most consumers have already been lied to for so many years by advertisers and marketers about what a product will do, they’re not about to believe every health claim that is printed on every label. They have adopted a “try it and see” mentality with EVERY product. And so they should. Because trying herbs is the only way to know if they will work for you.

It’s time for a change in the FDA. We need the FDA to empower the American people to utilize the benefits of vitamins, minerals and herbs to improve their health and reduce their reliance on expensive pharmaceutical products that cost tax payers Billions of dollars a year. We need the FDA to allow the manufacturers of these natural products to simply suggest what they can be used for and how to responsibly use them. The American people are mature enough to handle this responsibility and denying them access to this information is a violation of their constitutional rights.

We do not directly hire the directors of the FDA, but we do elect the officials who do. We need to make it clear to our congressmen and women that we as American expect the FDA to work towards our empowerment of maintaining self-health by supporting and encouraging the dissemination of information regarding the safe and effective use of vitamins, minerals and herbs. We do NOT want them to be editors of what is printed, they do not have the knowledge or experience. We want to be allowed for ourselves, as a mature adult population, do decide what works for us and what does not.

In this “free society”, we simply want the rights that we had 100 years ago to use the plants and mineral of the Earth to maintain our health. This alone would be a monumental improvement in the health-care system.

New Products and Programs

Here at Nature’s Rite, we have lots of products that we would like to bring out. The hard part is deciding what to bring out next. Perhaps you can help us decide. Here are several products that have been developed and are simply waiting in the queue for their turn to be released. Please send us an email and let us know which one you would most like to purchase.

Shingles Relief:
For shortening the duration of a Shingles out-break and dealing with the pain and itch after it has appeared. It’s a powerful anti-viral and contains herbs to relieve the pain and itch. It also contains herbs to speed the healing process.

Hot Flash Relief:
This herbal spray is used daily to keep the hot-flashes associated with menopause from getting you “all fired up.”

Eczema Relief:
This lotion contains anti-fungals, anti-virals and anti-bacterials to stop the cause of Eczema. It also contains herbs to hasten the healing process and reduce the itching associated with this skin condition.

Bone Relief:
This dietary supplement contains everything that a body needs to maintain bone mass. It has the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs to keep your bones healthy and sturdy

Joint Relief:
This gel relieves the pain of arthritis pain. It is an herbal combination that contains anti-inflammatories, analgesics and NO MENTHOL so it won’t smell funny or sting your eyes.

We have many more products ready for release, so if none of these are interesting to you, please tell us what you would like. Chances are, we’ve got something for it.

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