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Herbal Remedies that treat the symptoms, treat the problem and facilitate repair.

Herbs have been used to treat health problems for thousands of years. This knowledge has been passed down through the generations among tribes and peoples all over the world. While the knowledge of the plants is old, new insight into medical conditions and the body has offered fresh perspective on certain maladies.

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When developing new formulations with these time-tested herbs, care must be used to address the entire human condition so that the remedy is “wholistic”. That is, the remedy treats the whole person; the whole problem.

Every condition has three needs that must be met by a proper wholistic herbal remedy.The Three-Pronged Approach

1. It must relieve the symptoms.

Whether that be itching, pain, sleep problems; these are the issues that cause the patient to seek attention and they must be addressed by herbs within the product.

2. It must address the problem.

What ever is wrong with the patient that is causing the symptoms must be corrected so that the symptoms do not recur. This may be an underlying infection, damaged tissues or aggravated nerves from fixated muscles. What ever the problem is, it must be determined and addressed to facilitate the long-term healing of the patient.

3. It must help the body repair the damage.

It is very often the case that a malady will leave the body in a damaged state. A truly sound remedy will provide the body with the constituents necessary to facilitate repair of the damage. It may also cause the body to accelerate its healing activity locally in order to enhance repair. This aspect of the remedy is crucial to a complete and speedy remediation of the problem.

All of the Nature’s Rite formulations are embodied with this three-part approach. This provides the patient with a wholistic solution. One that is far more effective and valuable than a single herbal tincture or powdered herbal supplement. These combinations of herbs are designed to provide all the relief and healing support that the patient needs for a particular malady without requiring them to know what herbs to take.

Stabilizing the Remedy

Herbs are little chemical factories making many valuable constituents. These small molecules are fragile though and care must be taken at all stages not to break them. The herbs can render a medicinal broth when placed in water. This water however, must not be too hot. If it reaches to high a temperature or remains hot for too long, it can break-down the vital constituents and ruin the valuable molecules that the plant worked so hard to assemble. That is why we use, at Nature’s Rite, a low-temperature decoction process to extract the vital components from our herbs. The herbs are treated gently and lovingly so that we may maximize the benefit of each leaf, flower or root.

Since herbs are natural and grow in fields or by streams, there are natural molds present. The low temperature decoction process would not harm these molds and so they would grow and spoil a product. Where possible, we use Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) as an antimicrobial to keep the products safe and fresh. Where necessary, we use Optiphen in quantities of less than one tenth of one percent to improve product stability. This preservative doesn’t harm the herbal constituents and contain no parabens. It is the best natural preservative available.

For many years, the herbal decoctions were preserved with alcohol. In the past, this was all they had that was capable of retarding the mold that would otherwise grow and ruin the fluid. Unfortunately, the alcohol (often 40%) made a very objectionable taste, dried out the skin and actually over time, would damage the very fragile herbal components that it was there to protect. We use NO Alcohol at Nature’s Rite.

We make every effort possible to provide our customers with the most natural and most effective herbal remedies. After all, we use these products ourselves.

Your patronage and trust in our products means far more to us than profits. We’re here to make a difference, not a buck.

Delivery Mechanism

The herbal constituents must be applied where they are needed. It is not appropriate to place a few drops on your tongue when the problem is with your bottom. It is wasteful and in-efficient to ingest herbs to treat a cramp in your leg. When you have a problem with hemorrhoids, the herbal decoction should be applied directly to the hemorrhoids. It should treat the damaged tissues directly. When you have leg cramps, the lotion can be applied directly to the affected muscle and absorbed through the skin.

Each condition has its own special needs so that it can be addressed appropriately and efficiently. At Nature’s Rite, we use sprays, lotions, capsules, gels and what ever is appropriate to apply the healing remedy properly. We are not a “dropper bottle for every problem” company. We offer targeted product solutions for each condition.

The Guarantee

With any product that you purchase from Nature’s Rite, we offer the same money-back guarantee. No product or remedy works for everyone; but we sincerely want to help you. If the product that you purchased from us doesn’t perform to your expectation, simply return the un-used portion for a full refund. We will, of course, keep the minimal shipping and handling charges to offset our cost of getting the product to you. While we are concerned and interested in your feedback as to why you were un-happy with the product, we will by no means use this as a reason not to provide you with a refund. This was not written by a lawyer because we trust you and believe in our products.

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