Can Drugs disturb my sleep? Can I use the Sleep Apnea Relief and my CPAP?

Bessie Asked Us:
“I have had sleep apnea for some years now. I am supposed to use a bi-pap machine. I would like to know if the Neurontin and- or muscle relaxer I use for other health problems would have a bearing on my sleep apnea. I am thinking of ordering your product for sleep  apnea but don’t know if would help if I continue to take these meds.”

We answered:
“Those are powerful medications and you bet they could have an effect on your sleep apnea.  If you are going to continue on those meds, it may be the best thing for you to try to get-along with your Bi-pap machine.You could try our Sleep Apnea Relief in addition as it fosters deep steady breathing and enhances breathing efficiency.  This can only help.Since our guarantee is money-back, you really have nothing to lose.  Try the product and if it helps, you’ve got a new friend.  If not, just send it back for a refund.”

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