Vitamin D and Maintaining Skin Health during Winter months


Winter is just around the corner, the sun is getting lower in the sky and we are not getting enough UV rays to make sufficient amounts of Vitamin D. When this is coupled with the general lack of Vitamin C in the body, we are less able to create replacement skin cells. This problem can be aggravated by a very common activity. Shaving.When you shave with a razor, be that legs or your face, you are removing many old skin cells (epidermis). This exposes new skin cells to the deleterious effects of the wind, sun and dry air. In fact, it accelerates the rate at which the normal turn-over of skin occurs. This causes your body to have to produce more replacement skin cells.Maintaining a healthy and full thickness dermal layer (skin) is critical to health and so your body puts the construction of new skin cells at the top of the list for where the available collagen is allocated. This leaves other important repairs like maintaining the epithelial lining of your vasculature, maintaining cartilage and ligaments at a disadvantage. While you can’t see the damaged areas of these tissues that are being neglected, they are there and causing other health issues.Using an electric razor during the Fall, Winter and Spring helps to mitigate this problem by not causing as much removal of the epidermis. If you want to keep using the blade to shave, you may consider taking 1 to 2 grams of Vitamin C each day with 2000 IUs of Vitamin D. Additionally, every few days, a 100mg of Comfrey will help accelerate the fibroblasts; they produce collagen. Collagen is required to build all of the soft-tissues in your body. Don’t over-do-it on the Comfrey though, some is good, more is NOT better.

Another important consideration is to maintain good Liver health. The liver produces enzymes which control the quiescent rate of collagen production for soft-tissue repair. If you run or use your body in exercise regularly, it is important to maintain the ability to repair the sliding surfaces. Once a year I usually recommend taking a bottle of Liver support herbs to strengthen the Hepatocytes and maintain good Liver health. A Liver support herbal combination should be based on Thysilin and contain Burdock, Clover and other helpful herbs.

Remember, with Winter coming, you need to take care of your skin and soft-tissues. If you don’t, the spring will find you sore and not healthy enough to enjoy the activities that you love.

Did You Know?

Ions are created when a charge is distributed to the air that we breathe. Negative ions increase our mental arousal and tend to increase the health of animals. These negative ions can be generated by water as it falls through the air in the form of a waterfall or just rain. The water works like a Van der graaf generator and electrons are stripped from the water and held within the air. These active ions in the air then transfer their charge to dust and pollen causing these particles to stick to other particles of dust and pollen. This causes them to become too heavy and fall to the ground.

“Why is this important?” you ask. Well, because this also works on bacteria and virus that may be floating in the air and things that fall out of the air and to the ground are not there for you to breathe. This is nature’s way of cleaning the air. That is why the air smells so fresh and clean after a rain shower, thunderstorm or near a water-fall.

So, I would suggest that you put a water-fall in your bedroom. You spend at least 8 hours cooped-up in there breathing the air; the pollens that come in through the window, the bacteria, the molds and other imputities. Why wouldn’t you want to cleanse that air?

O.k., so you don’t want to put a water-fall in your bedroom. Why not put a negative ion generator on your night-stand? It will produce the same energized-clean-air that you smell after a Spring rain without the hassle of plumbing or the puddles on the floor.

Negative Ion generators have been used for decades to clear smoke from rooms, disinfect hospital areas and to keep restaurants smelling fresh. You can get a room sized unit that does this in your very-own bedroom for less that what you spend on air-conditioning in any given month. Our Ion generator uses no fans or filters that break or require cleaning. They are solid-state and will last a life-time. Check out the “Spring Rain” air ionizer on our web site and see how easy it is to enjoy the benefits of having negative ions clean your air.

With all of the effort and focused attention being given to the health care reform bills being offered by congress, I hope that they take this opportunity to empower the people to utilize more preventative medicine. If our legislators are truly concerned with reducing the cost of healthcare and improving the health of the population, then we need to direct more attention towards staying healthy than towards treating disease.

They may shy away from this path because their view of naturapathic medicine is that it’s “un-proven” and “anecdotal” yet, neither of those two assertions speak to the point. It can be un-proven and yet work just fine. It can be anecdotal and yet very effective. By supporting those of us who have worked with these natural medical techniques for years, they can in fact prevent a great deal of disease while they are spending millions of dollars and many years proving that these techniques work. Waiting until they are proven robs the population of the benefit that has been afforded by these techniques for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years. It should be noted that many “proven” drugs have been recalled from the market for the injury that they cause. Additionally, there have been numerous surgical and therapeutic techniques that were “clinically studied and proven” that later were found to be deleterious and ineffectual.

Healthcare is not a sufficiently heuristic science such that it can be solely administrated based on scientific finding. For thousands of years, it was administered based on experience while we amassed enough data to form balanced and comprehensive assessments of its performance. Almost 75% of the drugs listed in the Physicians Desk Reference have “un-known” listed as the pharmacological mechanism. That is to say, “they don’t know why it works.” For years Physicians have been prescribing drugs “off-label”. This is a way to use drugs that were approved for one particular malady to treat an entirely different condition. The Physicians are afforded this privilege based on their observations and the observations of others that it can be beneficial for other-than-intended conditions.

Herbal, natural and nutritional treatments for common ailments have been used for thousands of years by people. Some of these have provided results that are comparable or better than the pharmaceutical and allopathic techniques to which we are now restricted. Incorporating support from the healthcare system to empower people to select these natural treatments will reduce the cost of healthcare, increase personal freedom and improve the health of the nation.

Write your congressional representative and let them know your desire to have these means represented.

New Products and Programs:

Here at Nature’s Rite, we have about a dozen new products in the works. Deciding which to bring out next is always a difficult decision. We have decided to introduce a couple of new Roll-on lotions.

Back and Neck Relief is designed to relieve muscular tension and relax irritated nerves that can cause back and neck pain. In fact, many users have reported that rolling this product on their neck relieves tension headaches.

Joint Relief is specially formulated to relieve the pain, swelling and inflammation associated with arthritis. It works in minutes and contains NO menthols so it doesn’t smell bad or burn should you accidentally get some in your eyes.

Watch for these new products to appear in the 4th Quarter of 2009.

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