Cold Sores and Fever Blisters are Herpes

I was at a party this last weekend and a woman I met recognized who I was. She pulled a tube of Cold-Sore Rescue from her purse and shook the tube at me while saying, “I love this stuff. It’s the only thing that works.” The label was completely worn off the tube, but I recognized it immediately. The fact is that Nature’s Rite doesn’t have a Cold-Sore Relief product yet. This was a product that I designed years ago for another company that I started called Peaceful Mountain. For those loyal Nature’s Rite customers, do not fear, we will have it soon. And, it will be an improved version.There are about 5000 variants of the Herpes virus. They all have a very similar behavior. They live in the nerves and travel out to the ends of the nerves to replicate in the skin cells. When this occurs, the only way for the body to stop the replication is to send the white-blood-cells out to “gobble-up” the cells in which they are replicating. Hence, we damage our own cells to stop the virus. This collateral damage can be painful and disfiguring. Herpes Simplex strikes primarily on the lips and around the mouth. Genital Herpes is found primarily in the genital area and Herpes Zoster can be found around the waist, the forehead and face and even over a shoulder. All of these Herpes virus though, travel down the nerves and replicate in the skin cells. They are all painful and they all require rebuilding the skin after the damage has begun. They “manifest” in a very similar manner.Because of these similarities, the recently introduced Shingles Relief product will work quite well against all of these variants. It contains powerful anti-virals to stop the spread of the virus, anti-itch and analgesic herbs to quell the over-active nerves while relieving pain, and herbal constituents to help re-build the damaged skin.So if you have an eruption of Herpes Simplex or Genital Herpes between now and the fall when we introduce the Cold-Sore Relief, buy some Shingles Relief and you will be very happy with the results. It’s simple enough to apply it several times per day. Just remember to wash the area gently before applying the lotion so that it can soak into the skin and stop the virus.

Also remember that the greatest cause of outbreaks are stress and UV light. If you are out in the summer sun, use an SPF 30 sunblock for your lips. This is the most important way to stop summer fever blisters. Replenish it regularly as it only works for a couple hours at a time.

As for reducing the stress… Have a beer. After all, it is summer. :-)

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