Q&A: We Were Asked about Sinus Products

Kyle asked:

“When I was checking out your product, there was an offer for a neti pot sinus cleanser.  Is this necessary in addition to the 3 products I bought for the sinus infection? I use my neti pot often and would not mind a product for it, but if the other stuff works then I hopefully won’t need it. I am so excited to try your product. I have literally been batteling this since August.”

We answered:

“We offer the sinus trilogy for a convenient way to combat sinusitis.  You can carry them in your pocket and spray them every 20 minutes.  They work great.  Not everyone uses neti pots.  Some folks just won’t do it.  If you do appreciate the ability of a neti pot to reach the deepest recesses of your sinuses, then you will really appreciate Super Neti Juice and Herbal Neti Soother.  If you have a very chronic sinus infection, nothing reaches the deepest recesses better than Super Neti Juice in a neti pot.  By doing this a couple of times per day and then following up throughout the day with the easy-to-carry Sinus Relief, you have the best the world can offer in attacking a sinus infection.You see they each have benefits and detriments.  We let the customers choose.  If you are comfortable with both… by all means use both.”

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