We Lost a Good One: Being allowed to use nature to heal is your right!

Welcome to the first edition of The Nature’s Rite Review . Our new News-Letter will hopefully serve as a communication tool between us rather than a dissertation of healthcare facts. Please feel free to write back with your comments. You can reach us at info@mynaturesrite.com I always enjoy your comments and testimonials on our products.

“We Lost a Good One”


Around the turn of the century, men and women alike took Ephedra containing diet pills. These pills worked pretty well and so, as we Westerners are so prone to do, we took as many as we could. In fact, one could say that we abused them. We took Ephedra in quantities and with regularity that has never before been done on this planet. This herb was used for thousands of years to treat allergies and congestion without problems. It was used to treat congestion more sparingly than for weight-loss and not as regularly. It was and is the most effective herb for this use… bar none.

Since we are a large population of over-weight people and a society who believes that “if a little is good, more is better” we took the dosing way above reasonable levels. The results were over-stress side-effects on the heart. This of course aggravated another unique feature of this population; weak hearts. Instead of heading the warning of this problem, we blindly followed the direction of the companies selling these diet enhancing supplements and took more and more and more. Eventually, the FDA had to intervene to save us from ourselves. This was most unfortunate. There is probably no organization in the world that is less well equipped to make balanced decisions regarding herbal regulation than the FDA. They have far too much authority and far too little knowledge. They have no time to allocate to these issues because the major mistakes and deceptions of the pharmaceutical industry keep them very busy.

The response of the FDA to the problems of Ephedra was typical and predicable. They banned its use in dietary supplements. They didn’t protect our interests by determining a safe limit. They didn’t suggest a recommendation for labeling which would have advised lower doses and short term use. Those responses would have been responsible and within the design of their charter. They banned its use. Although this was challenged in court, the FDA using your tax dollars, ultimately prevailed in imposing its irresponsible directive upon the people.

Now, the herb that has been the corner-stone of allergy-fighting herbology for more then 5000 years has been removed as a tool to support the health of the American people. We all lost-out when this happened.

There are many drugs that when taken in excess can do more harm than good. The way to deal with this responsibly is through education of the users. Correct suggested dosing and use duration are the tools that we use. It is the most powerful herbs that are the most valuable, the most dangerous when abused and the most irreplaceable when lost. As Americans turn in millions away from patent medicine and return to natural means, this is not a time to lose access to the most valuable herbs. We must use them responsibly and stand-up for our rights to heal ourselves.

In the News

The recent “cookie dough” recall due to E. Coli reminds me that summer is here and there will be more and more cases of food poisoning. Hamburgers, tomatoes, bean sprouts, peanut butter, potato-salad… Every year these products are responsible for many cases of illness and sometimes death. There are an estimated 76 million cases of food poisoning per year in the U.S. alone. Statistically, that’s about one in five of us. What’s an eater to do?

We truly have one of the cleanest food-service industries in the world with one of the cleanest food processing industries in the world thanks in part to the FDA. Their presence in food-processing and the inspection guidelines they provide for local food-service inspectors is paramount in containing what could easily be an infectious disaster. Yet, there will always be bacteria in the wrong place and under conditions where they can survive or multiply.

We as consumers must remember to cook food, refrigerate left-overs, wash fruit and always assume that the containers and sometimes the contents have come into contact with contamination. Keep kitchen surfaces that contact raw meat cleaned between uses. Prepare less food than you think you will need so that you run-out, not so much that it sits around waiting to be eaten. Your over-weight relatives and friends will thank you for this one. No legislation in the world can replace consumer vigilance. We are a critical part of this safety balance.

When food poisoning does occur, recognize the symptoms. Abdominal pain or discomfort that increases, headache, sweats, vomiting; these are all strong signs. Food poisoning in the very young and very old should not be taken lightly. They are the most severely effected. Get them medical care sooner rather than later. There are some strains of bacteria that can be deadly.

There are some “home-remedies” out there that have been claimed to be effective. One is to drink a large amount of cinnamon. Peppermint tea is good for just a mildly upset stomach. In WWII, troops were trained to eat the charcoal of a fresh wood-fire. For severe cases of food poisoning, I recommend 2 ounces of strong (30 or more parts per million) silver colloid. This has been shown to be extremely effective against many common food-borne pathogens. It usually works in 30 minutes to an hour.

Enjoy summer, eat well, but above all, be careful out there. Remember, a healthy spirit is the key to a healthy body. Take the time to make others happy. It will make you happy and healthy as well.

New Products and Programs

Nature’s Rite has recently released a trilogy of sinus products called “Sinus Trilogy”. These three products are intended to meet the regular needs of folks who live in a sinus-angry environment. Sinus Relief tm is designed to terminate sinus infections. It has been around for about 10 years and has sold more than 100,000 bottles in private label distribution. In fact, it has under-gone a double-blinded, placebo-controlled randomized clinical study.

This product has been so successful against sinusitis that it would be my first choice to treat the condition. I would choose it before surgery and before antibiotics. When I see sinus sufferers relying on antibiotics or inferior nasal products, it truly breaks my heart. You see, Sinus Relief is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial so in one spray you are killing all of the harmful pathogens that are plaguing you sinuses. It is important to attenuate them all somewhat evenly so that you don’t shift the fauna to those organisms that are difficult to kill by killing off all of the easy ones. This shift, makes your sinus problems of tomorrow more difficult. Sinus Relief is extremely effective against acute and chronic sinusitis. Remember though, the key to success is regular re-application. With mucosal drainage removing it from the region in 10 to 20 minutes, it is absolutely critical to re-apply every 20 to 30 minutes in order to keep a fresh supply in the region. You can learn more about this product on the web site at www.natures-rite-remedies/

Sinus Support tm is designed to be the next step beyond simple saline sprays. This spray contains some soothing herbs in an Aloe Vera base that is then ionically balanced like a saline spray. During the dry months of winter in the West or the pollution filled days in the big cities, your sinuses can become very irritated and inflamed leading to more sinus infections. Sinus Support tm exists to soothe weary sinuses and keep them moist. This is truly a product for all seasons.

We have been asked many times over the years for a product that is all natural and can be used to combat the symptoms of allergies. Well, after much research, trial and experimentation, I’m proud to present Congestion Relief tm. This all-natural herbal based nasal spray is designed to combat the excessive response to allergens with herbs that stimulate the production of natural anti-histamines within the nasal tissue of your nose. These herbs are combined with anti-inflammatory herbs, tissue soothing herbs and herbs to reduce mucus production. Congestion Relief tm should be your pocket companion during allergy season. It’s all natural and non-habit forming.

Did You Know?

Vitamin D is as essential to building and maintaining strong bones as Calcium. In fact making bone requires much more than just calcium, it requires a range of minerals and a good deal of collagen. Taking calcium supplements without providing your body the other essential ingredients for bone production merely poses an additional problem. It cannot use all the calcium for bone and so it must get rid of it some how. Overloading with calcium can be quite un-healthy.

Some of the other minerals required to build bone include Copper, Boron, Manganese and Magnesium. There are vitamins required as well. Vitamin C is critical in the formation of Collagen. Collagen is the pre-cursor to bone.

In the winter, the sun takes a low angle in the sky. The sun’s rays that reach the surface of the Earth may feel warming, but in fact, what you are feeling is the long wave-length infra-red. The Ultra-Violet B is what produces Vitamin D in your skin and this is almost entirely filtered out from October through April. Your body cannot manufacture Vitamin D during this time even if you live in Arizona. The little bit that is stored in your fat will likely run out by December.

I usually recommend supplementing with 1000 to 2000 IU per day during the months of October through April and also include 1000mg of Vitamin C. If you try this, I think that you’ll find your skin to be much healthier during the winter with less cracking and flaking. Of course the primary concern is to minimize bone loss. A good bone support program should include supplementing with Vitamin D and Vitamin C especially during the Winter months.

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