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Close to 38 million Americans face sinusitis every year. Sinusitis is an infection of the sinus tissue caused by a blockage of the nasal cavity, often a result of inflamed tissue due to a cold, the flu, or allergies. You are likely to come down with sinusitis whenever there is not enough airflow in your sinuses, as these conditions allow for infectious fungi and bacteria to multiply.

While sinusitis is not normally a life-threatening disease, it can really take its toll on the body. Headaches and pressure, post nasal drip, a runny nose, and a cough are some of the symptoms associated with sinusitis. When combined, these symptoms often result in difficulty breathing at night, which can detract from the quality of a good night's sleep. Most forms of treatment target the symptoms to provide temporary relief, but to but for a long term solution, you need something different. Something super...but we'll come back to that later.

6 Ways to Treat Sinusitis

In order to treat sinusitis, many people turn to antibiotics, antihistamines, or more rarely, anti-fungal drugs. All of them have side-effects, and all of them can be expensive. What's worse, while antibiotics do kill bacteria, none of them can treat all the causes of sinusitis. Antihistamines actually disable parts of the immune system and anti-fungal drugs can't touch bacteria. Some people experiment with sinus surgery, but these may not correct the problem and can be quite taxing on the checkbook.

#1- Antibiotics: can kill the infectious bacteria that ravage your sinuses, but unfortunately, they are ineffective against fungi and can even kill good bacteria that help your body--especially those in your digestive system that help you break down food.

#2- Antihistamines: are able to decrease mucus production but are linked to drowsiness, preventing you from driving or operating heavy machinery safely. They also can't kill any of the microbes that cause sinusitis in the first place.

#3- Anti-fungal Drugs: do kill fungal growths, but cannot neutralize bacteria. There are very few anti-fungal drugs rated to treat sinusitis on the market, and even if you find one, it may be difficult and expensive to obtain.

#4- Sinus Surgery: is thought to help correct mucus drainage problems in people who face chronic sinusitis--but even if you have limited drainage, surgery does not deal with the heart of the problem--the bacteria and fungi.

#5- Neti Pot Sinus Solutions: are great for rinsing and flushing the sinuses, but have virtually no effect on the populations of fungi and bacteria that cause sinusitis. In fact, the salinity of most neti pot solutions can actually be as soothing for the microbes as it is for you!

But there is a way to treat the causes of sinusitis!

How You Can Supercharge Your Neti Pot

Comparing Sinus Infection Treatments





Neti Pot Salt

Super Neti Juice
Un-clogs sinuses
Kills Bacteria (easy common ones)      
Kills Resistant Bacteria (more difficult ones)      
Doesn't Shift Fauna and Flora of remaining microbes to include only more difficult ones    
Kills Fungus      
Painless and Inexpensive      
Kills Virus        
Safe for individuals of all ages      
All Natural and Holistic      
Doesn't Require A Doctor's prescription and Visit      
Very in-expensive      
30 day money-back Guarantee        

Super Neti Juice!

The Neti Pot Sinus Solution That Worked For Others Can Work For You!

#6- Super Neti Juice: is used the same as traditional neti pot solutions, but has all the anti-microbial power of prescription medication--but none of the side-effects! Super Neti Juice will get you the results you desire without the complications of surgery and unlike antihistamines, attacks the root of the problem: all those infectious microbes that seek to infest your sinuses.

"I really enjoy the product!"

"I been using the Nature's Rite Sinus Relief, and it has been helping me breathe better. It got rid of my sinus infection and I really enjoy the product!"

— Leslie, New York

The Secret Active Ingredient In Super Neti Juice

While some prescription medication can kill bacteria or fungi, there are none that are able to kill both on their own. In fact, some medication makes no distinction between good and bad bacteria, killing everything it encounters in your system. Super Neti Juice is so effective because it harnesses the potent-but-safe antimicrobial known as silver colloid--which is able to destroy both the bacteria and the fungi that cause sinusitis. Because you apply a concentrated dose to your sinuses, you won't have to worry about killing off any beneficial bacteria--only the bacteria that cause the problem. And because you are killing the fungi as well, you are helping your immune system regulate the microbe populations inside your nose--keeping a healthy balance between bacteria and fungi levels and crushing sinusitis at the source!

"It's doing wonders!"

"The product seems to be doing wonders for me. I appreciate it!"

— Dan, Ohio

But how do I know this stuff works?

The best way to know if Super Neti Juice can clear up your sinusitis is to try it--risk free! Powerful, effective, safe--what do you have to lose? Try Super Neti Juice, and if it doesn't clear up your sinusitis, give us a call within 30 days to qualify for a full refund. If you never try, then you'll never really know how easy it can be to free yourself from sinusitis.

"I absolutely love them!"

"I have been using the Sinus Trilogy products, as I have suffered numerous sinus infections, just chronic, since 1994 when my face hit the steering wheel of an automobile when I was in a wreck. I have been taking antibiotics 3 or 4 time a year trying to treat the infection. The sinus trilogy was the first product I've tried that is all natural and it's absolutely wonderful. The Sinus Relief that kills the bacteria and fungus is absolutely phenomenal. I've had excellent results. I'm going to order my second batch. I absolutely love them!"

— Theresa, South Carolina

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