Sleep Apnea Relief

Put that CPAP machine in the closet. Sleep Naturally with herbal relief. Sleep well tonight, free of straps and tubes.

Restless Leg Syndrome (Leg Relaxer)

Tossing and turning all night? Do your legs feel like they constantly need to move? Restless Legs can be relaxed in 5 minutes.

Leg Cramps

On your feet all day? Do your legs cramp up at night? You don't need to eat more bananas, you need Leg Relaxer.

Sleep Apnea Explained

Understand the cause and treatment of Sleep Apnea. This text will open your eyes to your sleep problems.

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Sinus Care Kits

Everything that you need to rid yourself of sinus problems and maintain healthy sinuses. These kits offer terrific savings.

Neti Pot Products (Super Neti Juice and Herbal Neti Soother)

Using a neti pot with just saline (salt-water) is like shooting blanks. Super-charge your neti pot with our Super Neti Juice & Herbal Neti Soother.

Sinus Relief

We have the answer to your problems!


Open blocked nasal passages.

Sinus Dryness and Irritation

Relieve dry and irritated nasal mucosa and refresh your nose.

Sinus Trilogy (All the sinus sprays)

Buy all three sprays together and save.

Sinus Accessories

A selection of effective Neti Pots, as well as salts.

Sinus Health Information

This book shows you why you have sinus problems, why antibiotics are not the correct solution and how to correct the problems with effective natural solutions.

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Rash, Persistent Skin Problems, or Foot-fungus

Do you have a rash that won't go away? Rash Relief Lotion can soothe and repair, red and itchy skin.

Shingleze Relief

Relieve your shingleze rash and irritation today!

Achy and Swollen Joints

Relieve stiff, achy joints and revitalize your bodies ability to move.

Muscle Recovery Topical

Improve the performance of the muscles. Muscle Honey represents a new day in herbal sports enhancement.

Back and Neck Discomfort

Wake up with a stiff neck? Low-back discomfort from a hard day at work? Relax the muscles and soothe the discomfort without drugs.

Ligaments, Tendons and Soft-Tissue Repairing

After injury or after surgery, your body needs help to make a full recovery. Encourage better repairs and avoid surgery.

Hemorrhoid Discomfort and Itch

Relieve discomfort & promote healthy tissues.

Respiratory Problems?

Respiratory Relief promotes healthy airways and stimulates easy breathing.

Sunburn Skin Repair

Soothe the discomfort, relieve the itch, heal the skin Naturally.

Hot Flash Relief

Get rid of hot spells with this amazing product!

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Air Ionizer

Restore fresh air to your home. Negative ion-enriched air reduces pollens, molds and bacteria.

Food Poisoning, Traveler's Sickness, Up-set Stomach

Free yourself from the fear of being sick when eating out. Stop the diarrhea, vomiting and headaches of stomach infections.

Chewable Balanced Probiotics

Strengthen your stomach with natural probiotics that help keep the good bacteria strong..

Digestive & Urinary Tonic™

Unwanted bacteria and fungus can cause stress and diarrhea. Eliminate E. Coli that could potentially infect the bladder.

Digestive Rehabilitation Kit™

Kill the bad bacteria and fungus in your gut, re-seed the gut with beneficial bacteria, and restore.

Digestive Rehabilitation Herbs

Repair the damage in your stomach with a great blend of stomach-soothing herbs.

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*Disclaimer: Remember, invdividual results may vary on all of our products.

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